This is the list of known issues for version 1.1

Search by taxonomic path can take up to few minutes
The search for taxa by taxonomic path function aggregates all results to the most generic rank, if your search returns thousands of such results, the aggregation can take up to few minutes.
Safari until version 10.1: text cannot be typed in full-screen mode

A security feature in Safari restricts the allowed input characters in full-screen mode. For this reason, no text can be typed when the SILVA Tree Viewer runs in full-screen mode. You need to exit full-screen mode to perform a search. Afterwards you may use the full-screen mode to view the results.

This restriction was removed from Safari in version 10.1.

On lower zoom levels, the taxon bar displays only low level ranks for a taxon
On lower zoom levels, the taxon descriptions and interactivity functions are loaded only for a given number of elements to improve performance. This causes a mismatch between the tree view, where smaller polygons are shown for higher ranks (e.g. Genus) and the taxon bar, where a lower rank is shown (e.g. Family). Zoom in to reduce the number of taxa on screen and get the full path detail to the taxon of interest.
Not tested on mobile devices
Performance issues have been reported for iOS 9.
Limited browser compatibility
The prototype will not work in browsers which do not support console, e.g. Opera Mobile.
Optimised for large resolutions
The prototype is optimised for screen widths of at least 1680 pixels.
Erroneous reporting of polyphyletic taxa
In the current version, a classification of a sequence which does not match the classification of its surrounding sequences breaks a monophyletic taxon into a polyphyletic taxon. Therefore, taxa which in general are monophyletic are reported as polyphyletic in these cases. It can occur, for example, when a genome contains multiple sequences which are not placed into the same taxonomic group by the tree reconstruction algorithm.
Showing all search results might display no result
If your search results are located far away on the tree with a large (vertical) empty area between them, clicking on "Show all" in the results browser might show you no results at all as they cannot fit in the view. In such cases, move the tree upwards or downwards to show them manually. You can also use "show previous" after a search to show the bottommost result.